About AIM

Managing of maritime occupational health for crew members in the Philippines is complex and challenging matter. The shipping market in general and the Philippine content in particular are still growing while, standards, rules and regulations towards occupational health have become more demanding and pressing. Proper management of risks and exposure is required, the wellness of your crew during sickness, accident and repatriation as well as proper case management, fidelity of records and files are essential. At AIM we have the expertise knowledge, organization and track record to help you in managing your exposure.

AIM on crew recovery

Intensive and personal guidance of the  Philippine crew members will be necessary. AIM provides care and support to repatriated Philippine crew members. AIM ensures that the crew members receive the best possible care for a speedy recovery and occupational rehabilitation. Our services are executed with high focus on; Customer service excellence, the interest of all stakeholders & environment, integrity, respect and open communications.

AIM Manila and AIM Europe

Because the employer will often be at physical distance from the crew member, AIM Manila assists from Metro Manila the employer with performing his duties as befits a good employer. We do our utmost to ensure that a medical case stays a medical issue and prevent this to become a juridical case. We are in favour of a personal approach and take the wellbeing of a sick crew member into consideration.

Many of our clients are (also) located in Europe. Therefore AIM believes that it is important to have representatives in Europe as well. AIM Europe serve and take care of our customers located in Europe.

The origin of AIM

AIM originates from the wish expressed by maritime employers and insurers to raise the assistance and guidance of sick crew members who have been repatriated to the Philippines to a higher level. As the number of Philippine crew members sailing on foreign flag vessels was increasing, the need for a local professional assistance service arose. The formation of AIM in January 2015 has met this need.


AIM Manila:

Phone: +63 02 559 54 38

E-mail: manila@aimoncrew.com

AIM Europe:
Phone: +31 85 020 11 66

E-mail: europe@aimoncrew.eu