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Whom to consult?

AIM bears witness to a case where a seafarer, who lost all hope of recovering from his badly broken feet, was confronted with medical findings that were not acceptable to him. He went to a priest instead of a lawyer for advice which led to a fast and favorable result for the seafarer.

The case is about a seafarer who fell from a height of 6 meters while working on a vessel. Landing on both his feet thesey were severely fractured and broken. Initially the doctors concluded that the fractures were so severe that there was no assurance that the feet would heal or that the seafarer could ever walk again. To keep the pain away, the seafarer’s condition was given the option of amputating both of his feet. The seafarer refused amputation.

The operation

In an attempt to remedy the condition of the seafarer, the doctors operated on his feet placing a titanium plate on the side of the fractured bones. Several agonizing months later and with a very strong will to be able to walk again the seafarer’s condition improved slowly. The attending doctors also saw improvement of the seafarer each time he visited the hospital, until the maximum treatment period had been reached and final medical assessment was necessary.

After the operation

As the seafarer remained in pain, realizing that there is a maximum period for treatment and the unacceptable medical findings, he fell into a depression. While words around the seafarer were urging to file a legal suit, the seafarer and his wife went to seek advice and spiritual guidance from a priest. The priest advised the couple to continue to focus on rehabilitation together with the close guidance of AIM.

The guidance of AIM Manila

AIM explained to the P&I Club again the current condition of the seafarer as the status was not reflected properly in the medical reports. Though AIM recognizes that her services are primarily meant for her clients, in this particular case guiding the P&I Club on how best to arrive to the resolution of this case would, in the end serve everyone’s best interest. Savings on unnecessary legal costs and achieving a correct decisions was achieved. Hence, AIM decided to report on the current condition of the seafarer and provided the most appropriate substantiation of the injury.

During his rehabilitation, the seafarer and his wife stayed as guests in AIM’s guest house, as the extra care and accommodation created an ambience for the couple to surpass the ordeal and focus entirely on the rehabilitation.  Each time the seafarer had his check-up or a therapy session, he was taken by AIM’s transport service. In times of deep despair, AIM staff was there to talk to him. It is believed that was it not for the extra care and understanding of AIM and the advice of the priest, the seafarer could have filed a case.

Following the advice of the priest and with AIM’s guidance, the seafarer received his entitlement. This allows him and his wife to continue to focus on his rehabilitation.