What does AIM do?

Dissatisfaction of a crew member about the treatment of his/her illness, about inadequate care and/or lack of attention leads to longer absenteeism and an increase in disability claims. From our operating office in Metro Manila, AIM Manila provides professional and personal assistance to sick Philippine crew members.

AIM takes over a great part of the duties of the employer and/or the insurer. For instance, we look after the sick crew members and assist them when they have to consult a physician or have to go to a hospital. We arrange matters such as transportation, meals and accommodation. Through our extensive network in the Philippines, we arrange for the best possible medical care. Our focus is on crew recovery and the wellbeing of crew members.

After having completed the process, the greater part of the crew members is ‘Fit to Work’. Unfortunately, however, in some cases crew members will become permanently disabled. If such is the case, together with the employer and/or the insurer we will arrange for a proper and fair (financial) settlement.

We have diffrent services, so there is a suitable solution for every employer.