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Unforgettable experience of an AIM’s Operation Assistant

One of the tasks of AIM, is to inform the immediate family of the repatriated crew member, that airport assistance will be provided upon arrival of the seafarer. And that he will be accommodated in AIM’s Guest house if his check up will take place on the following day.

Pick up from the Airport

It happened that one crew member who was accused and placed on “Hotel Arrest” for 19 months was endorsed to AIM to check on his medical condition once back in the country. Thus, a telephone call was made and the sister was informed. Specifically, the sister was told that upon arrival of the crew member late in the evening, he would be staying at AIM’s Guest house as he would be seen by the doctor the next morning. She was also advised that staying at the Guest house is not mandatory but in case the crew member was not willing to stay he would be asked to sign a waiver. The sister took all the instructions and said “OK”.

That night, thinking that the encounter will be another routine airport pickup, AIM’s Operations Assistant went to Manila’s airport to fetch the crew. Never expecting that something extraordinary would happen.

When the crew member arrived, he and his family did not approach AIM’s Operations Assistant but asked him to meet them inside the airport. When he went there he was very surprised to be met by the seafarer and family, AMOSUP lawyers and a camera crew ganging up on him.


The reason, as he came to know, was that the sister misunderstood AIM’s offer to accommodate the crew member in the Guest house. Instead, she thought that her brother was placed under house arrest again, which she thought was not right considering that the crew member was judged innocent after being placed under Hotel Arrest for 19 months. Luckily AIM’s Operation Assistant is a professional registered nurse and he was able to explain that the purpose of AIM was only to look into the health and well-being of the seafarer after his ordeal abroad. That accommodating the crew in the Wellness House is part of AIM’s services so that repatriated seafarers do not need to look for a hotel or place to stay when their medical check-up will take place on the following day.

Having understood AIM’s services and purpose, the seafarer signed the waiver. He went to see the doctor the following morning assisted by AIM’s Operations Assistant.

Fit to work

Eventually he was declared fit to work later that day. Thus, another case handled well by AIM and leaving AIM’s Operations Assistant with an unforgettable experience.