Seafarers are key workers

Our economy and society relies on shipping.

Despite all the crew change challenges, preventive measures and government restrictions the Covid-19 pandemic caused, ships are still crossing the oceans and seas of our planet.

Now, even more than usual, people in society should be aware of the impact shipping has on the global supply chain.

Our shops are remain stocked with food and supplies. People all around the world can continue shopping, because ships continue sailing.

Ships cannot sail without seafarers.


The IMO drew attention to the subject during the day of the seafarer in June this year.

AIM thinks maritime professionals should be recognised as vital key workers every single day.

That’s why AIM continuously draws attention to the importance and necessity of seafarers. By letting people know how important the maritime industry is to the world, we can raise societal awareness.

You can also help!

Let your seafarers know how important they are, and share this information in the media. The more stories we share, the more awareness will rise.

So hopefully we can all recognise seafarers as the key workers they are!