New personnel of AIM Manila

New personnel of AIM Manila

Since AIM’s start, the number of seafarers that AIM has guided increased tremendously. More and more clients are aware of AIM’s benefits and are using the services AIM offers more often. While our current staff is working hard to provide the best service, some additional help was more than welcome.

Therefore, AIM Manila hired three new personnel! She welcomes Ms. Kamie De Leon, Ms. Leslie Miranda, and Ms. Jaime Michelle Icaranom to the team.

Ms. Kamie joined AIM Manila as Operations Assistant. With her nursing background, she is responsible for the airport and hospital assistance of the seafarers. Ms. Kamie has previous experience working for a manning agency, supplying crew members to several cruise lines. She knows how to talk to crew members and knows how to help them recover from their illness.

In the new set up of AIM Manila, our current senior Operations Assistant, Mr. Paulo Luna, who is also a registered nurse, will focus on the crew with more complex illnesses, endeavoring to bring more personalised and closer attendance to them. He will also check up on seafarers while they are at the hospital or in a clinic.

Ms. Leslie and Ms. Jaime Michelle are both Accounting staff. They brought with them their previous experiences in handling accounting matters and administrative work. They are at our team to provide fast logistical support to the operations so that whatever the crew needs during their treatment it can be provided quickly.

With the new personnel and operational set-up, AIM Manila expects to further improve her services to her clients.