Health and well-being AIM

Health and well-being on the vessel

AIM guides Philippine seafarers when they return home from work due to an illness or accident and assists them in the rehabilitation process. However an illness can always appear, one can do several things to try and prevent illnesses and accidents from happening. Taking good care of health and well-being on the vessel is very important.

Healthy diet

One of the things that can be done is maintaining a healthy diet by offering varied food and making sure it is nutritious. Other important things are: adequate rest and sleep, regular exercise and keeping a good hygiene.

Good hygiene

Talking about good hygiene, one can think of many things that can be done. Some examples are: always washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom, brushing teeth daily, protecting the skin from weather influences, etc.

Following the safety instructions

Another important aspect in prevention is following the safety instructions of the vessel. Sometimes it is required to wear special gear for protection like a special suit or helmet or to use safety lines. These instructions are there for a reason and it is important that they are followed, For each and everyone’s safety.

And in case a seafarer does get ill of experiences an accident, AIM’s team will be there to take excellent care of the seafarer.