Do you see your crew members?

The Covid19 pandemic controls our daily lives. Crew changes are made nearly impossible due to the current government restrictions and preventive measures of local authorities. In the Philippines a community quarantine was promulgated by the government in order to control the spread and impact of the virus.

Many seafarers are constrained to stay on board of their vessel longer than contracts allow. Having an impact on peoples personal lives and mental health condition.

Since the current situation demands a lot of seafarers, we suggest maritime employers to monitor their seafarers closely. Crew members appreciate being heard by their company. Feeling connected and being part of a team is important to most people. Especially when you are feeling down.ISWAN published a series of Good Mental Health Guides. With providing these guides to your seafarers, you offer them evidence-based information. So they know how to protect and promote their own mental health at sea.

Additionally, we have heard reports of discrimination of seafarers once they arrived home safely. Apparently there are concerns and fears about the Covid19 virus on a local level, which are projected on seafarers personally.
Maritime employers are advised to pay attention to this situation and communicate with their crew members periodically, also when they are on leave.