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New personnel of AIM Manila

Since AIM’s start, the number of seafarers that AIM has guided increased tremendously. More and more clients are aware of AIM’s benefits and are using the services AIM offers more often. While our current staff is working hard to provide the best service, some additional help was more than welcome. Therefore, AIM Manila hired three new […]

Seafarers’ recovery above all!

In the many medical repatriation and recovery cases it has handled so far, AIM experienced cases where seafarers are utterly helpless in their recovery effort without outside help. This help ought to be provided by close family members but due to the circumstances of seafarers, most of the time they are alone in seeking medical […]

Whom to consult?

AIM bears witness to a case where a seafarer, who lost all hope of recovering from his badly broken feet, was confronted with medical findings that were not acceptable to him. He went to a priest instead of a lawyer for advice which led to a fast and favorable result for the seafarer. The case […]

Keep informed about AIM

Do you want to stay informed about the developments around AIM and the maritime industry? Please subscribe for the AIM newsletter. We send newsletters on an irregular basis with information about the maritime industry and our company. Of course we handle your personal details with great care, we never share information with third parties and you can unsubscribe if our newsletter does not […]

Asia Marine and Senator Crewing visit AIM Manila

We were honored with a visit of Mrs Arlena Schulz from Asia Marine Philipines and Captain Gilbert G. Garcia from Senator Crewing Manila as representatives of one of the new clients of Anker Crew Insurance, Reederei NSB Germany. We explained to them the unique services of AIM and how we assist Reederei NSB by taking […]

Health and well-being on the vessel

AIM guides Philippine seafarers when they return home from work due to an illness or accident and assists them in the rehabilitation process. However an illness can always appear, one can do several things to try and prevent illnesses and accidents from happening. Taking good care of health and well-being on the vessel is very […]

President AIM Manila visits The Netherlands

Jerome Ramientas, President of AIM Manila, went to The Netherlands on a business trip last October 2017. Being his first time, the experience to him was profound from day one up to the last day of his stay. Being his first time to Europe, he remarked that the first thing that greeted him after emerging […]

Sick wages

When the seafarer gets ill, the crewing agent is obliged to pay the seafarer sick wages. Even when the seafarer reported ill after returning to his home country. If the crewing agent does not pay, this can lead to claims. And of course, our goal is to prevent for unnecessary claims. AIM recently resolved a […]

Unforgettable experience of an AIM’s Operation Assistant

One of the tasks of AIM, is to inform the immediate family of the repatriated crew member, that airport assistance will be provided upon arrival of the seafarer. And that he will be accommodated in AIM’s Guest house if his check up will take place on the following day. Pick up from the Airport It […]

Positive life after a devastating vessel accident

Positive Life After A Devastating Vessel Accident On August 16, 2016, a cable lifting a heavy pile of cargo suddenly snapped. And because of the tension, the end of the cable swung hard and hit a seafarer working on the tug vessel. The snapped cable hit the face of the seafarer immediately making him unconscious. […]