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Closed for the holidays

Due to the holidays, we will be closed on Monday, December 25, Tuesday, December 26 and Monday, January 1. We wish you happy holidays!

AIM on crew, during Covid19

AIM continues to monitor seafarers with pending medical treatment and schedules their doctor appointments. The people of AIM make regular calls, video-chat and consultations with repatriated seafarers, in order to check on their condition. Our people take time to listen to seafarers’ concerns, provide moral support and explain the answers to questions. This proved to […]

Mitigate risk of recurrent NLRC claims during Covid19 pandemic

After a seafarer gets injured or sick and is safely repatriated, the best case scenario is the employee recovers entirely and gets back to work safe and sound. Sometimes an illness or accident has permanent consequences, leaving someone physically limited or disabled. In this case, the seafarer will receive financial compensation, as described in their […]

Seafarers are key workers

Our economy and society relies on shipping. Despite all the crew change challenges, preventive measures and government restrictions the Covid-19 pandemic caused, ships are still crossing the oceans and seas of our planet. Now, even more than usual, people in society should be aware of the impact shipping has on the global supply chain. Our […]

Do you see your crew members?

The Covid19 pandemic controls our daily lives. Crew changes are made nearly impossible due to the current government restrictions and preventive measures of local authorities. In the Philippines a community quarantine was promulgated by the government in order to control the spread and impact of the virus. Many seafarers are constrained to stay on board […]

Day of the Seafarer 2020

Day of the Seafarer 2020 Seafarers as key workers Every year the International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrates seafarers at the Day of the Seafarer. The people working on board of the approximately 55.000 ships our global fleet counts, play an important role in maintaining the flow of vital goods. Shipping is vital to flow trade […]

Limited services due to Covid-19

Limited services due to Covid-19 Unfortunately, government restrictions, social distancing and other COVID-19 measures limit our opportunities. We thank you in advance for your understanding. In the meantime: take care of yourself and your loved ones! 1. Adapted services of AIM Manila Inc. In view of the global COVID-19 crisis and following the “Enhanced Community Quarantine” […]

5 year anniversary AIM

5 year anniversary AIM AIM celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary last week with a karaoke party in Manila. In these 5 years, AIM has proven to be successful in preventing claims and get people back to work healthy. We are dedicated to continue this course for the next 5 years!