Joyce and Jerome

New president and operations manager AIM Manila

New president of AIM Manila

Mr. Jerome Ramientas is the new president of AIM Manila. Mr. Ramientas has been handling crew claims for AIM over the past three years. He has extensive background in all aspects of Marine crew insurance, case management and legal counseling. With the addition of his experience we trust to have strengthen our level of service and good results in the Philippines.

New operations manager AIM Manila

Next to the appointment of a new president, AIM also appointed a new operations manager per 31 March 2017. The new operations manager is Ms. Josephine (Joyce) Sacayle, who started to work with AIM Manila in May 2015 as the operations assistant. Ms. Sacayle built up her operational experience at AIM. She will be the contact person for our clients at the Philippines and the contact person for all operational matters.

We welcome both Mr. Ramientas and Ms. Sacayle in their new position and congratulate them with there new position.

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‘Changes in seafarers’ health 2011-16

‘Changes in seafarers’ health 2011-2016 available

On the website of Seafarers International Research Centre is a new publication ‘Changes in seafarers’ health 2011-16 available. This report gives an overview of the results of a questionnaire administered in both 2011 and 2016 relating to seafarers’ medication and health.

The Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC) is part of the Cardiff University School of Social Sciences. SIRC has a particular emphasis on issues of occupational safety and health.

Conclusion of this report is that there seems to be some improvements in the behavior and in practice in the period between 2011 and 2016.  For example: seafarers drink and smoke less and seem to eat healthier. They eat more vegetables and they eat less fried food both at home and at sea. However, some things are not improved: sleep quality. This seems to be related to environmental and work factors.

The health of seafarers is very important in their daily work on board of a ship. It contributes to the fitness and fun in the work of seafarers and safety on board.

Click here to read the entire report on the website of SIRC.